About Rick VandenHurk

Signing a professional contract back in 2002 was an opportunity to live my dream. Making it to the Major leagues was a dream come true. Most kids, coaches and baseball fans across Europe never get the chance to watch a Major League game, or even meet one of its stars. So I decided to Bring MLB stars over to Europe and let the European fans get closer to The Show.

What is the main purpose of the European Big League Tour?

Baseball may be small in Europe, but we do have leagues in several different countries. The Tour will not only spread the game that we love so much, but it will also help kids, coaches, and local players experience what it is like to learn from some of the best in the game and in the world. Through the Tour we will help many young people realize their dreams, increase the popularity of baseball more in Europe, and assist the local baseball academies in their efforts to get more support. Hope you guys will enjoy it.

Rick VandenHurk

Baltimore Orioles