Haarlem Baseball City

We had a awesome day yesterday in Haarlem,
that was our second stop of the tour and it was packed with Baseball Fans.
This clinic we had about 400 kids and they were ready to go as soon as we got introduced.
the introductions were Basketball style and the crowd went crazy once they all the players. The dutch national team players also helped out and the kids had a great time and learned a lot. Brady Anderson and Adam Jones were mainly in the Cage working and helping the young hitters and Me and Jeremy Guthrie were helping out the young pitchers. Baker and Gregory answered a lot of questions from the kids and helped them with their catching and Outfield Skills.
Haarlem is the City Were Gregory Grew up, and played before he went to the U.S and signed with the Mariners. It’s was packed with Fans and they were teaching the guys some dutch words and sentences. A great clinic and all the kids got their autographs and Photo’s taking.
When we got back to the hotel, we went and ate at a old school dutch restaurant and everybody got a taste of some very good dutch food.
Today we had a day off and everybody went and explored Amsterdam, there are very many museums here and there’s a lot to do such as, Anne Frank House, Van Gogh Museum, The Palace, and Canal Boat tours.
tomorrow we head to Rotterdam for the third Clinic it’s one of Hollands Biggest cities so its gonna be fun!
i’ll keep you updated.

One comment

  1. dean1971

    Big time pat on the back and “atta boy” to you Rick for giving back. You know when the O’s signed Koji the only Oriole player he had ever heard of was Cal. This is the kind of thing the O’s need to get behind and support. It would be cool if years from now one of those kids your working with wants to come to play ball in America for the O’s because of the work your doing now.

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