First Stop my home town Eindhoven!

Wauw! What can I say! Unbelievable!
European Baseball is a lot bigger then I tought, we had 300 kids today at our first
clinic in Eindhoven and you should have seen their faces! It was very good organized
and we had player introductions under a loud applause from the crowd! The kids were
stunned and looked so amazed of the group of guys we brought! We had question and
answer sessions with all the players and taught them about pitching fielding and how
to play the outfield. Also on the end we had a live hitting session with Brady
Anderson and Adam Jones which was great! A.J. Demonstrated his swing while Brady
explained all the things that are so important to be a Good Major League hitter,
they both hit balls of the Tee, and the kids couldn’t believe they were seeing their
stars live in Action! Gregory Halman and Jeremy Guthrie had to answer lots of
questions from the kids and John Baker was in full Gear teaching the catchers how to
block baseballs as a big league catcher.
We had a autograph session on the end of the clinic as well as pictures and the kids loved it!
We also were joined by Loek van Mil (Double A Angels,and who’s 7’1) and Alexander Smit (double A Reds) both Dutch guys and good friends of mine that I grew up with playing.
So that was great! After the clinic we had some Dutch foods for the guys some
Bitterballen en Appelflappen en stroppwafels for our trip back to Amsterdam.
I think they all liked it, at least I hope so! Lol.

Tomorrow we will stop in Haarlem, a Big Baseball City, so i’m very excited and I’ll
keep you Updated!

Have a good night and Take Care,

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