V.I.P. Dinner and Auction

Day 1 of the European Big League Tour was a great one! All the Guys and
wives/girlfriends arrived in the morning and they went and explored the city of
Amsterdam. The hotel is in a great location right Downtown Amsterdam so you can
pretty much walk every where! John Baker went and check out the Rijks Museum and
Jermey Guthrie walked out towards the Dam. Around 6 we all met for the VIP Dinner
and Auction that we held for Kika (Kids Cancer Free). It was a great night with
performances of Ali B, Laura Fygi and Raymond van Elburg, 3 of Hollands Biggest
Artist. Jeremey Guthrie also went on stage and preformed with Holland’s Best Rapper
Ali B.jumping up and down the stage,hahaha it was great, and We also had a Live Auction that was done by Mart Smeets, the Biggest
Dutch Sports journalist.We raised probably close to $6.000 for
I think it was a great start of the Week coming up!
Tomorrow is our first stop and that’s gonna be in Eindhoven, my home town.
I’ll keep you updated and post some pictures as well of our Charity Dinner and
Take Care,

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