Our last stop for the tour was Antwerp Belgium.

It’s about a hour and a half drive from Amsterdam, and it’s the second biggest city in Belgium.
Antwerp is for baseball terms the biggest baseball city in Belgium and it ws good to see the turn out it had.
there were 200 kids and the Indoor sport facility was very nice.
we got a Big Welcome from all the kids and the Belgium baseball fans.
there were a lot of american kids present because there is a U.S Army base close to antwerp so that was really cool. they had a lot of talent and kept up with all baseball teams and stats from all players in the MLB as they were asking us a lot of questions about professional Baseball.

After we got introduced we had a special guest throw out the first pitch.
The U.S. General Consul came and visited our clinic and also participated in a couple drills. it was awesome.
The kids were excited they got to meet some Big League players and were asking for more tips to improve their game
the Clinic was a success and we finished up a great week were we had about 1200 kids participate in our 4 clinics.

When we finished up the Mayor of Antwerp invited us for some drinks and Belgium treats at the town hall. Antwerp is a city with a lot of history and beautiful old buildings. because it was raining we couldn’t do the tour true antwerp so we just went and met up with the mayor. we got some gifts from him and typical belgium delicates.
i think that everybody enjoyed it and had a good time.

we could stay to long because we had one last stop that night and that was the soccer game.
We got invited to my home town team PSV Eindhoven soccer match that night against excelsior.
I go to every home game when i’m back, and it was cool that we got invited with the whole group, i think it was the first time for everybody.
it’s so much different then a baseball game, the Philips Stadion holds about 35.000 seats and is sold out every home game.
The fans are really intense and its a electric atmosphere.
PSV won 4-2 and got back into first place after that win.

after the game we all went back to the hotel in Amsterdam and the next day everybody flew back to the U.S.A.

It’s was a great week and we got a lot done. and i want to thank of course Jeremy,Adam,Brady,John,Kyle and Gregory for participating in the
European Big League Tour.

This is huge for baseball in Europe!

Take Care,

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