Great Talent in Rotterdam

Our third clinic we held in Rotterdam, one of the Biggest Harbor’s in Holland.

The Indoor Facility is right next door to one of biggest soccer stadiums in Europe,
De Kuip. That’s were Feyenoord plays.

The Indoor facility is beautiful and brand new. A lot of fans were there and again
we had over 300 kids participating in our 3 hour clinic.

Jeremy Guthrie did the Q and A and I did a short throwing program with the kids,
John Baker did catching and Fielding, Brady Anderson the hitting and Adam Jones and
Gregory Halman did outfield drills as well as hitting.
Kyle Barbour the Strenght and Condition coach was teaching the kids some
coordination skills and important baseball exercises to keep strong and healthy on
the field.

The kids payed good attention and learned a lot they said and when we were done we
were all talking about the talent that we saw, this was a very good group with lot
of potential.

After every clinic we have a Autograph and photo session and again the kids could
not believe what was happening to them,haha it was great to see them so excited and

A huge shout out to all the cities we have been too so far they have been great and
it’s been really good organized, there have been so many fans and kids participating
in our clinics!

Yesterday we had a day off, everybody went sight seeing in Amsterdam, Jeremy went to
Paris with his wife for a couple days and today Adam and John And Kyle went as well
to Paris. It’s only a 3 hour train ride away so that’s definitely high on
everybody’s to do list!

Saturday will be the last stop in Antwerp, Belgium. And they have some special
guests coming to the clinic I heard! And after Saturdays clinic we will go to the
soccer game of my home town team PSV Eindhoven. None of the guys have ever been
there so i’m excited to see what they have to say and think about European Football!

Take Care and I’ll keep you posted,



  1. kenfrancis

    Vandy — Great idea you had to bring MLB across the pond, which is helping children in different ways. Thumbs up! I hope it’s something you can build on in the coming years.

    What would be really cool is to see Adam try to play outfield in wooden shoes!…though I doubt if the Orioles would want him to risk that. LOL


    I’m a Baltimore native and huge Orioles fan! I’m moving to the Netherlands in July to live with my boyfriend, who is a native of Elst in Gelderland. So I’ll be cheering for you guys all the way from the Netherlands!! Proost!

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